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When you’re looking for a warehouse to let in Manchester there are quite a few variables to consider. It’s not just a case of finding the cheapest deal and going for that. As you can often find it’s cheap for a reason. There’s and age old saying of “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”.


That’s not to say if you do see a Warehouse to Rent for a low amount there must be something wrong with it, there are genuinely good deals out there. But if it seems too good to be true then definitely inspect everything twice.


RGP Ltd have been in the Warehouse industry for over 25 years now and are well placed to offer any advice when you are looking for a Warehouse to Rent in Manchester or the North West.


You can start your search properly by first identifying what your needs are. This way you can quickly and efficiently eliminate any Industrial Space that doesn’t fit your criteria immediately. A good example of this is to decide whether you’ll need Dock Level Loading with your warehouse, or maybe an office to let as well.


Deciding what you want from any warehouse rental before you start your search can eliminate any of the “This one has Dock Level Loading, but this one has a great office” debates. Setting a goal of letting a warehouse with dock level loading and an office would instantly dismiss the potential of the previously mentioned two offices.


Setting out exactly what you want when you lease a Warehouse in Manchester also enables you to get many quotes at once. If you have the same requirement and send this out to various companies they can let you know if they have that industrial space available.


However a lot of the time to get many quotes at once you would usually have to go through some sort of agency.
And that can always push up the price of the warehouse that you want to rent as the property owners have to account for agency fees.


With RGP Ltd you deal directly with us, the owners of the property. This avoids any costly extras, and as the owners of the property we know it inside out.


So if you need a warehouse to let in Manchester, try RGP Ltd first.

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