Warehouse Space Manchester

RGP Limited own a wide range of Warehouses in the North West with quite a few of them being located in Manchester.


Manchester has long been known as the industrial capital of the North after sparking the industrial revolution way back in the 1800s. Thousands of jobs were created not only at the mills that sprung up everywhere but also in construction to actually build these mills. In the 2000s though, a lot of these mills have now been revamped, restored and repurposed into Office and Warehouse space.


That’s not to say the only Warehouse space to let is in these large former industrial behemoths. Rammon Group Ltd also own a host of smaller properties which are perfect for the many and varied SMEs in and around Manchester and the North West. If you’re the local wholesaler of party hats or the leading regional fabrics company you’re going to have different ideals of what you want or even need from a warehouse.


At Rammon Group Properties we understand that and can offer our advice and expert onions on the matter, after all we’ve only been in the business for over 25 years. We know that the local small business has need of maybe only one unit in a whole complex whereas the larger regional company could require the whole property so that units within can be departmentalised.


Our honest and impartial advice stems from years of working directly with our clients. At RGP not only do we own the properties we offer for rent, but we are also the landlords. There’s always a benefit to dealing with the property owner directly, who else will know the ins and the outs of the Warehouse to Rent Manchester in question? Certainly not an agency.


So if you’re looking for Warehouse Space in Manchester or the North West, deal direct with RGP and the property owners.

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Warehouse Space Manchester