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With many businesses diversifying in this current economic climate, there is an increased need to find good quality warehouses to rent Manchester wide, and more importantly, warehouses in convenient locations with the right facilities.

Good warehouse locations should be close to transport links, not just for the convenience of your staff and the local amenities, but in order to reach areas of the country that are important to your business. Finding a warehouse to let in Manchester that is close to all the major road ways can be essential these days, to save money on shipping, deliveries and fuel. Shopping around can be time consuming, which is why going through a company experienced in industrial properties, such as ourselves, can be a time and cost efficient way of working. You also get the peace of mind knowing that your property will be overseen by someone with knowledge of the area as well as experience in the property industry.

We provide secure and well kept properties, and often have a warehouse to let Manchester wide. Security is important to any business where stock and equipment is kept on site, not just to prevent crime such as theft and vandalism, but to keep insurance premiums down. Most insurance policies take your security measures into account when quoting for your business insurance, and better defence against crime such as additional locks, secure boundaries and security equipment such as CCTV can save you money in the long term. The building itself should be well maintained for the very same reason. Fire safety equipment can reduce insurance costs as well as providing you and your employees with reassurance. Well maintained personal facilities such as toilets and eating areas is nice for staff to come in to, and can help attract the right kind of employee as well as keep the ones you have happy.

When looking for a warehouse to rent Manchester wide, give the Rammon Group a call for information on current properties they have available at some competitive prices. You will receive excellent customer service as standard, as well as get to know the people that will be assisting you in getting the best possible location and building for your company.

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